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March 22, 2008


To Whom It May Concern:

Hello, I am sending this letter to you to let you know of the establishment of my business office and the services available to you or your customers.  Working with the Colorado Division of Water Resources as a water resource engineer (since 1979), and serving as Division Engineer for 13 years, I became acquainted with many of the landowner issues and water rights aspects of the land in Southwestern Colorado.  Also, I have teamed with a landscape-architecture firm http://www.rdesignstudios.com/html/firm.html and can provide structural engineering assistance in a consultation mode.  Following are examples I believe may be helpful for people developing their property or considering investing in improvements of property in the area:

Water rights evaluation (non-legal)  Report or review of issues.  Provide engineering plans where needed or recommendations to referral for legal advice if needed.

Flow problems in water systems-agricultural or residential- Efficiency evaluation or problem solving.  Hydrographic - water body or stream measurement. Evaluation, design for new projects.

Groundwater and Well permit research- Records collections and mapping of water structures. Data review.

Ditch and Water issue resolution- Provide ideas to resolve disputed property values where water is an issue.

Land development and design of features, landscaping using services described above.  See example of area study below:



 Sample Mapping for La Plata County Project

Water use and development studies- This office can prepare plans for water supply and estimations of use.  Review of water court engineering studies.

Minor structural engineering

I will provide quality consultation or engineering work at reasonable rates.  Please call if you have any questions or wish to have some assistance with your client or project.   I appreciate your connection to the community and hope that I may supply some help if you need it in any way.  

Mapping and route planning.  I can provide GIS assistance in ArcMap, Arcview and Arc Explorer spatial work.  Mountain trail, resource area and travel specialties.






Ken Beegles P. E.

President, Headwaters Engineering


970-382-9667                                                                                      Cell: 970-799-4736